Sunday, September 4, 2011


who sets their alarm clock for 3 am to see a sunrise?
more pics coming later this week
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Autumn said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your handouts that you create! You have such a knack for it! (I am also jealous of your hawaii trip, but that's a-whole-nother story).
I just had a question: I downloaded one of your YW handouts a couple weeks ago, and went to upload it to a one hour photo (CVS) and the file was too large. Are you able to save them as JPG files? I like to just send them straight to the photo department for them to print them out as pic's. I wasn't able to condense it without it losing it'w quality. Don't worry about it if you can't, but I thought I would ask. Thanks!


Jonathan and Cheri said...

Hi Autumn! Thanks for the nicest comment! I can resize or reformat any file that I make, no problem =) I emailed you if you're the Autumn that purchased lesson #31. I'll wait to hear back - Cheri