Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Brady asked Danee to Senior Prom

I have seen an idea like this before with 1 tootsie pop used with a Valentine card, so we decided to step it up and use the idea with a sucker bouquet so Brady could ask Danee to Senior Prom.  I took a picture of Brady and had it printed as a huge poster at Costco.  Then I punched holes in his hand to place lollipop sticks with homemade almond bark suckers (the suckers are not part of the actual poster):
It's says 'how you doin Francesca' in Spanish because it will be hanging in Danee's Spanish class 3rd period.  The suckers all have one word printed on paper wrapped in aluminum foil and folded very small - they say 'el promo with meo' - supposedly as a joke between the two of them because it's not really Spanish ;)
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Suze said...

That IS terrible Spanish. But that's an AWESOME idea to ask someone. Looks great.