Sunday, October 25, 2009

Double Date . . . Double Idioms

handout found at - only need to purchase it once and then print as many as you need - but please do not redistribute or share work purchased from my site - thank you!

I taught the YW Group Dating Lesson and made up some Dating Rules (I created a handout idea and rules myself!) after finding idioms with 'double' in it.
On the other side of the handout, it has a message to Try all the Flavors - message - date lots of people before dating just 1 person steadily. (this idea has been around for a long time, but I did make my own graphics and word art for it)
I attached a Baskin-Robbins tasting spoon and a button - yeah, I'm always giving out buttons ;)

After I bought the gum, I was sad because it didn't have the ' labeled paper' for a gum wrapper - only the foil! I think that's standard now. So I had to print out a Doublemint graphic to attach! Always making more work for myself ;)
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Suze said...

Cheri you are SOOO creative and witty and smart and just simply amazing! I love this one! I wish I was in YW again.

You're my hero!

Shauna said...

Very cute stuff. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I found your site from the YW Yahoo group. You mentioned you have files to share. I would love them, as I am trying to jump into my new calling.

Shauna Jensen:

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing..I especially love the ice cream flavor and would appreciate the picture to it! Except we spell favor with a U as in flavour and favourite...if you could add that in!!
I could spend all day on your site!
YW has a whole new meaning now that i've found your site!
Thanks for all you do to make my job easier.


Bruce Morton said...

I tried to download your "double idioms" link, but it has restricted access through Google Docs. Please change the security setting so that anybody with a link can see it. Thanks! =)Jen

brownfam said...

I would love to use your flavor sign. Could you please email it to me?
thanks so much