Wednesday, October 10, 2012


we actually aren't liking Kaua'i at all =(  there's a ton of red sand which stains and the beach we went to had rough sand and it wasn't the nicest of days - we didn't care for what we did see today on the east shore.  hoping we love our vacation real soon (we really would rather just be in Maui - hehe)
Opaeka'a Falls
beautiful flowers:
red-crested cardinals: wish I could have gotten a better picture, they were too far away for my camera =(
 white hibiscus, haven't seen too much in bloom - maybe wrong time of year?
 baby gecko
 baby grasshopper with insanely LONG antennas
 this plant grows its edges red - super cute:
 wild orchid?
 dried up toad - I told you it was a boring day and hardly anything to photograph ;)
 yucky weather - go away clouds

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