Monday, March 16, 2009

How tired can you be?

Brady is my 'napper', if he's tired, he'll sleep whatever position he's in when his eyes finally do shut - he actually does resist falling asleep until the last possible moment.  

Maybe it was all the dragging the boys around when they were little - they learned to just sleep when they were tired regardless where they were at.  I didn't keep a schedule . . . mostly because I liked to shop and be social and didn't want to be stuck home bound.  But I've still never met another kid who stays asleep from the car seat, into the shopping cart or stroller and back into the car seat without waking up - talk about a DEEP sleeper ;)
Sleeping just about anywhere and anytime!  This was Brady on the couch last week as I was heading off to bed:
Doing homework, pencil still in his hand, sitting upright - perhaps it was his music that lulled him to sleep ;)  I used a flash for that photo and he didn't even stir!
This was at my sisters last month:
Who can stay asleep sitting up?  Kinks in your neck anyone?
But then again, he's been doing it for a long time:

And if the fish aren't biting, I get bored too and think a nap sounds perfect ;)

But I haven't ever seen a person fall asleep in this position unless they were a baby:
This was a weekly scene when the boys were growing up, mind you this time we've fallen asleep on a love seat - not too comfy for very long but definitely a built-in heat source ;)

The nice thing about never saying 'shhh, the kids are sleeping' is that they learn to sleep when they're tired regardless of what's going on around them.  The phone could ring, I could vacuum and I even cut tile once (that's extremely LOUD) during nap time . . . Brady and Keaton both slept through everything I ever needed to do.  A huge benefit to not keeping a routine?  LoL
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momofmonkeys said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!! I now know where Andrew gets it from. I have tons of pictures of him sleeping in the craziest spots. Hugs!!

Cailean said...

How great you have all of those pictures! Our kids often slept on the go in the Baby Bjorn. Maybe they'll crash like that too :)

Anonymous said...

My lil one used to be the same but not anymore, I kinda miss it! lol Nice blog. By the way I can just hear your son's reaction to this blog... Mommm your embarassing me! Classic. :)