Tuesday, April 7, 2009

that sensation

I recently took a CPR, BLS & AED course and have assessed that giving mouth-to-mouth is a creepy sensation . . . on a dummy - can you imagine what it would be like on someone who's basically dead?  The Annie doll feels like a real person, I know that's the intention, but it's still weird ;)  I highly recommend investing in this handy tool:

Those Annie dolls are very lifelike, so much that before I could give it 2 breaths, I actually caught myself looking for boogies in the Annie doll's nose before putting my mouth on her mouth.  This is after I had already swiped an alcohol wipe over the entire face of the doll . . . after being assured that the doll was already sterilized.  Hmmmm, sure it was: I don't know that the person who used and cleaned the doll was as thorough as I would be and I'm positive that the doll was not placed in a sterile package after it was cleaned!  =)

Annie looks like a he, perhaps it the nakedness or the lack of breast tissue.  But hey, practicing on a flat chest is probably much more comfortable for all present ;)

Our dental office was offered a free course through another dental office, so I made their office cupcakes (with the texas sheet cake recipe I made up) as a thank you:
And I bought a handy-dandy (blue's clues famous saying) cupcake carrier to transport them in:

From Costco - it holds 3 dozen cupcakes - or if you flip the white tray cupcake holder over (completely removable), it is flat and can be used for other goodies or appetizers - I love it!
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