Monday, June 1, 2009

Sparkle Ball

I'm going to hang this over the YCL teepee area to represent the bubble Glinda floated down in as we are decorating our camp area as 'Glinda' theme:
Jonathan and I made a sparkle ball - ummm, turned out cuteness - I'm going to make more of these for Christmas decorations =) You know you have a spare 2 hours to create one too ;) haha
Directions found here. Made from 9 oz plastic cups and a string of 100 lights - solder gun and clothespins are your only tools.
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fawndear said...

Drat, you keep giving me new ideas of things to try. Now I've just got to prioritize which is more important a clean house or an enchanted fairy garden with sparkle balls. Sparkle wins out every time. These would be perfect in my girls fairy garden

momofmonkeys said...

ummm I want one!!! don't know where I would put it - I don't have a fairy garden like fawndear, but I think I need one anyways. Are you taking orders?