Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fruits of your Effort - tree with fruits

We will be using this visual when we do sharing time for missionary effort - we designed a game for the primary kids - worked well for both jr and sr primary:

zip file includes tree with fruits, separate image of tree with blue and white polka dot background and separate image of fruits - I cut them out and will glue magnets on backs of fruits.

quote came from Preach my Gospel Gordon B. Hinkley - How do I work with Stake and Ward leaders
Game Cards - on the back it has situations that the kids must improve upon:

We challenged the kids to invite a friend or classmate to anything from FHE to dinner - if they get 100 or more the next time we visit them in 4 weeks we'll bring them a reward
here is the 'handout' for the primary kids after we do the sharing time:
Key Words we used when we talked about it:

visual aids found as a zip file at www.jackshandsjillsheart.com under missionary tab - only need to purchase it once, then print as many as you need. Do not redistribute or share original work that is purchased from this site - thanks!
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