Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle Craig & Aunt Kristin's BBQ

It's Colten (wish I had had a bubble wand like this when I was a kid):

About to wrestle and Brady was looking straight into the camera:

Pegging each other with playground balls:

Taking each other down:

Andrew about to be taken down?

Finally got both the boys in one photo, smiling - rather goofy poses - but then again, that's them:

Cayden (planning his next move?)

I'm not sure if Kaylee felt left out or was just enjoying NOT being teased by the boys:

Running straight into the camera, obviously too close - that's why his head is cut off. What I'm going for though is Andrew smiling:

This was the only photo I could get of Jackson - he was having a blast and didn't sit still for a minute:

We never did get Nat in a picture - she was doing her own thing ;)
Colten puts up a great smile - cutie!

The moon was awesome looking tonight:

Stacy's kids all thought the photo below was the best shot, they're funny:

uhhhhh, that'd be Aunt Cheri determined to take a photo while riding in the car! I'm sure at photo contests, the winning photos judged by children would be completely different than those of adults =)
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