Friday, November 14, 2008


That's a lot of water!  I am always amazed at this process - how does that much water rise up over the roadway?  This happened before in 2006 and was worse because all roads were closed & Duvall was an island!

There was no school on Thursday & a 2 hour late start on Friday (no seminary those days either) this week and it decided to be clear & sunny at about 10 am - it was a beautiful day in November!  School was closed on Tuesday for Veteran's Day too - kids had a short (which really translates to GREAT) week ;)
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David G. Hennessey said...

Nice photos. Just wanted to say hello and wish all of you a great holiday season. Tell Brady and Keaton hello and I hope they are doing superb. I hope you and Jonathan are doing well. I lost your numbers. Mine is 951-201-6833. Dave Hennessey