Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Putting together our greenhouse - was not a very fun process (or short, we worked on it 4 1/2  hours):
The boys are super eager to help:
Sometimes we found ourselves just standing there holding up the greenhouse structure while Jonathan read the instructions.  Brady was thrilled to find a baby slug - out of boredom, we were excited enough to take a photo?  ;)  But then again, we've never seen one so tiny - we even said how cute it was (when is a slug ever cute?):
For some reason, Brady always looked at the camera when I snapped the shot, and Keaton posed in this one, but you can't see his expression through the window:

It was raining hard at this point - that's when I went inside - hehe  They stayed out there and ended up getting the bottom panels in, but not the door or window.  Good thing we've had a really warm fall, so my plants that need to get in the greenhouse will be okay for awhile longer =)
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