Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready for Sunday?

. . .we shop at the store . . .
Asking the kids, 'do you have any homework?' on Saturday didn't include 'or a talk in church' - but I guess it should have! So Sunday morning entailed Keaton writing his talk for Sacrament meeting on Charity, making homemade bread for the sacrament because we forgot to buy it yesterday (even though we remembered 2 minutes before we pulled into the driveway last night after the boy's basketball games) & cupcakes for a birthday in my Primary class! Needless to say, it was a VERY busy morning =) Good thing church starts at 1 pm:

I have one regular sized loaf pan, so I had to make baby loaves too. We ended up with 2 regular size loaves and 16 baby loaves. It is super yummy - I wonder if anyone knew their sacrament bread was homemade?

These cupcakes were decadent - I made a chocolate cake mix and put chocolate chips in the batter - ummmmmm, YUM! I think I'll do that every time now =) The frosting was like ganache - I made up the recipe and then tasted it - I hurried to write it down so I can duplicate it because it is sooooo rich and chocolately! I made 1 big cupcake for the birthday girl:

We had a few cupcakes leftover after class and I gave one to my friend Stephanie at church, as she bit into it, her kids were begging for a bite - she told them 'no' as these were not the sharing type for 'kids' because it was that good. LoL It is true though! But I've never seen Stephanie not share what she had with her kids - that was a first! After one bite, she requested these for her birthday in February. I'll make enough for the kiddos then - haha
And some of us relax after church in ways the others would never be caught doing ;) It looks funnier in person - Brady has his shorts hiked WAY up!
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Cailean said...

YUM!!! Those cupcakes are so shiny they must be delicious. I can't even imagine how you did all that Sunday morning. How did you make bread so fast even with rising? We start 9am now and 11am next year so needless to say MAYBE next year we'll have time for more than cereal for breakfast. :) PLEASE post the recipe for all the cupcake yummyness!

Kendal said...

The best part of my day yesterday was the sacrament! That was the best bread ever. I was dying to know who made the bread until I saw Keaton with a tupperware container, then I knew it was you. Well done. You should do that every sunday. :)

Emilee & Paul said...

I knew it was homemade!