Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Children's Museum

We went to the Everett's Children Museum with my friend Ann Marie and her son Dylan.
Milking the cow was pretty fun . . . .
Especially compared with the horse that was 'just for sitting on Aunt Cheri?'  His lips which are hard to see say it all - disappointment!
Andrew climbing the Rock Wall (the sign said to keep your feet below the white line):
But, what if the kid is short - there were plenty of climbing holds way above that white line . . . 
Andrew loved the fire truck station - don't be fooled with the dazed look here:
or here:
Andrew barely wanted his picture taken the entire time we visited the musuem, but for sure insisted on looking and laughing over the photos OVER & OVER once we got home!

The above photo was in the back of an airplane.  He really enjoyed 'driving' it, which is probably safer than flying it at his age ;)
Again, super excited to have his picture taken:
On the bus, loving the microphone and to be in the driver's seat:

Ann Marie left the water station for last - smart girl!

Those tubes above come apart, but water keeps running through them, so while one changes the direction the water can go by pulling the tubes apart - uhhhh, water goes everywhere!  So, yup, Andrew and Dylan were soaked when we left!

Nap time was on the way home and Ann Marie and I got to visit =)
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