Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toothbrush vs a Toy

We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks - but it took us 2 days to watch the whole thing.  I learned that Andrew's favorite line is 'you owe me big time' from that movie because after they said that line, he was pretty much done watching the movie!  
Andrew loves the hot tub:

When Brady was 2 he experienced his first hot tub dip at Grandma's.  He was excited until the jets were turned on and he refused to go in it and was freaking out a bit.  Finally, we understood that he thought if the jets were on that it was 'boiling water'.  Poor kid - he was scared to death . . . so of course we kept the bubbles off!

My friend Stephanie has a system of allowing her kids 3 smileys and if they keep them throughout the day they earn privileges.  If they get taken away, then they have to do 4 chores to earn a smiley back.  If they keep all 3 smileys at the end of the day, they get a rainbow smiley and it's worth $2.  So, I made some for Andrew - he loves Dune Buggies - so I let Andrew choose a few images off the web.  He got a smiley taken away after I asked him to eat his popsicle at the table and then found him on my couch with it!  So he earned it back tonight by emptying the dishwasher - each rack worth 1 chore (of course I think Uncle Jonathan did most of it), swept the kitchen floor and then mopped it.
Andrew is saving up 'smileys' earned at Aunt Cheri's house for a spinning toothbrush instead of a toy.  He really wants to be like the adults and informed me he wants a toothbrush with a charger.  LoL  I was just thinking a crest toothbrush for little kids like $8 - so I'm hoping he'll go for the character kind once we go get it!
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