Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sports Physicals

The boys' physicals needed to be updated in the middle of the season, so Saturday morning they had to hurry and get one done at Urgent Care because that's all that's open on Saturdays.  Probably best to do it at a regular physician because 1) if the same doctor is not at the facility you took them to in the first place, they can't just sign off for the 2nd year, they actually have to have another physical. 2) the office would probably be educated enough to know that when you write 5' 12'' for how tall they are, it can then be converted to 6' ;)  Now, if the coach's would have given us a head's up for this sort of thing before last minute - that would have been awesome!
Brady & Keaton usually sub out for each other, but this game they sat out together and played together - aaawwwww, how tender ;)

Their team has been playing awesome!
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