Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boy's Bedrooms

It doesn't look like much, but these will be the 'before' photos of amazing 'after' photos ;)
I learned how to wire electrical boxes and learned how to use the tool to see if the wires were live.......the hard way!  I cut the plastic off one and got shocked, but thankfully the cutters absorbed most of it.
This will be a shared closet between the 2 bedrooms.  It had a 'secret' box in the floor - but unfortunately, there wasn't a treasure left behind ;)
Brady's room:
Keaton's room:

On Saturday, we cut out the 2 skylights, marked out for recessed lights, finished framing & running electrical wire and hopefully we're going to drywall, mud & tape this week.  Are you coming over to help now?  ;)
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