Monday, October 22, 2012


jonathan loves this fish hook and then we saw a statue one in Kauai!
the biggest koi I've ever seen
 pretty colored orchid
 funny growing shaped cactus
 a finch enjoying the fruit of a cactus
 up close - these thorns were huge
 pretty bunch of tiny flowers
  interesting cactus flower
huge cactus tree
 lots of lizards in the cacti
vibrant pink plumeria
 cool looking things growing . . . I don't know what they are ;)
and then we saw some Japanese White-Eyes
eating nectar of a hibiscus

 these are so cute

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

pit bull vs monk seal

what is it - a view?  a rock?
it's a seal!
and we watched a pit bull walk past it as well as a few people:
jonathan and the monk seal getting some sun ;)
how cute am I?
and then a pit bull joins the party
the seal barks at the pit bull
but the pit bull keeps pestering the seal and the seal eventually goes back into the water
he probably found a different beach to take a nap on - signs say to let the seals rest on the beach and not to bother them - I think that means yer dogs too!
red billed duck
and a different one that has something growing on its left leg =(
hibiscus growing out of a hibiscus
yellow plumeria
pink plumeria
this is the mostly private beach we scouted out today:
the same beach that 6 days and 7 nights was filmed at
a silly pose from a plover

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Napali Coast

an 8 mile round trip hike on a rocky, rooty, muddy, slippery hike to Hanakap'ia Beach and Falls . . . we definitely ran out of steam on the last mile back down!

we probably crossed 6 or more different spots in streams

42 visitors who were killed swimming at this beach:
and all eyes were fixated on this swimmer until he made it back to shore - I seriously had chills watching the waves push him closer to the rock ledge, he tried many routes and it was crazy watching him swim against the currents:
there was another guy who was surfing - still crazy if you ask me ;)
rock towers at the beach
one of many beautiful stream paths we had to cross to follow the trail to the falls:
lots of little water falls along the way
the biggest falls is in the background
 jonathan at the bottom of the falls

on the way down
an egret in a screwpine:
view - the ocean was an amazing color blue

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