Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mount Waiʻaleʻale

Lilies - all different - love them!
Waimea Canyons
happy colored flowers

averaging 450 inches of rain every year!

we went hiking and we didn't get rained on ;) we were the last ones out around 6:45 pm last night and we did end up using our flashlights for the last 1/2 mile - pretty dark and a pretty crazy trail.
we really just took this hiking trail to see the honey creepers - they're a tropical looking bird.
but we were there in the evening when it was cloudy and misty, we're planning on going back to get a better photo of them =)
look at those clouds rolling in:
and the sun setting
Hawaii doesn't have snakes or any other kinds of predators - NICE.  we only saw lizards and birds - no spiders, no mosquitoes - now that's my kind of tropical jungle =)
well, on the way down the mountain I did see a wild boar . . . it was very skittish so I am comforted that if we did see another we most likely wouldn't be chased by one ;)
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