Wednesday, August 31, 2011

still more Road to Hana

Jonathan & Brady catching waves at Hamoa Beach:
at Venus Pool:
natural little water fall:
 cool salt water pool with a rocky beach dividing the ocean from the fresh water pool:
 Huge Rock in the fresh water pool:
 Ocean View:
Hang Loose:
 Keaton protecting his now sunburn neck:
Brady showing off his muscles:
blow hole and rock crevices where water constantly empties and fills as waves crash in:

Bamboo Hike
we used our underwater camera because this is a 4 waterfall hike, so the first picture I cut out Jonathan's face entirely and couldn't even tell when I was taking the photo - hehe
 a little trail in between forests of bamboo:
 Keaton not excited to stop for posing for pictures:
 Brady covering up his lack of excitement after having to trek back to trade his flip flops for hiking sandals:
Jonathan always happy ;)
met a little kid (about 5 YO) who told us the bridge was broken and that they had to turn back but that WE could probably jump it:
yeah, we could step over it but here's Brady being all worried about it:
this is the longest and craziest hike we've done on Maui:
leaf insect:
just lovely:
so long to Brady & Keaton - they flew home and now it's just Jonathan & Cheri on their own for another week =)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Road to Hana

Lots of waterfalls to visit during the road to Hana:
Awesome the way bananas grow:
saw a whitetail tropic bird flying over the red sand beach - very cool
 Wai'anapanapa Park:

 Black Sand Beach:
 Wai'anapanapa Park:
 A view from a cave in Pa'iloa Beach:
 finally saw a tropical looking bird!
love these flowers - they are orange Hawaiian flower with a yellow jagged border that grows in trees all throughout the road to Hana:
the colored blooms have fallen, but the white part left is still cool:
 red sand beach where there's a coral tree - Brady adding one to a branch:
Keaton posing at the Red Sand Beach:
 Brady posing at the Red Sand Beach:
the bees are huge!
will have to post more later!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Road to Hana

loving the flowers in Hana:
and the views:
More latah!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

We swam with a sea turtle!

We saw our first gecko:
Brady & Keaton waiting for us to catch up to snorkel:
We were taking a picture of a spider - ewwww:
Next to Honolua Bay is Makuleia Bay and has less people and is great for seeing fish:
Keaton Journal:
Had the best snorkeling yesterday, saw two eels and a turtle. There were lots of little crevices where fish could hide, and it was very clear and colorful. After snorkeling, we went to another beach to hike a trail, however, the trail was very steep and has lots of little rocks that got into our shoes as we hiked. It hurt like heck, so I didn't even go all the way. Plus it said the trail was a closed area anyways.
We saw 3 sea turtles, 1 was huge!  We could only swim as fast as the smallest one - hehe
Brady Journal:
Snorkeling yesterday was freaking SAWEET. We saw a bunch of huge, colorful fish in between these trench-like areas of coral, along with two eels. We also saw this gigantic puffer-fish deep down low in a trench. I wanted a closer look so I held my breath and swam down a bit to get as close as I could. But the best part about yesterday was when we all got out to leave because we noticed a turtle in the water not far from where we got out. Exhilarated, we all jumped back in and swam side by side with the cute sea turtle :D
Posing with the sign:
Loved this cool red/orange bird:
and maybe a younger version?
sporting a mohawk:
a underwater video - fish and sea turtle:
A skeleton:
 A Bat Moth - they get huge!
A bay at Black Sand Beach
View from Black Sand Beach (after a steep hike up a mountain)
We're off to the Road to Hana!
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