Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Youth Party

Here's the line up for the costume judging:
Brady's audience cheer was the loudest and he looks so modest about it:
And Olivia's audience cheer wasn't as loud as Brady's, so Nick & Brady were laughing and then both cheering loudly to 'vote' for Olivia's costume:
Whoops, then Keaton came along and stole the prize (a bag of Starbursts) from Brady because his audience cheer was the loudest of all - hehe
Brady & Danee (as Katy Perry):
Braden, Brady, Danee, Andrew & Keaton:Keaton - full costume:
Nellie & Danee with Where's Waldo:
Nellie (as Ke$ha) pretended she was drunk . . . and some kids thought it was funny and some kids thought she was seriously drunk and some kids thought it was funnier that some kids believed her act!

Here's the before party:
Silly Pose:
Serious Pose:
The after party ;)
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Itching for a disaster

Brady's senior project is volunteering for Snohomish County - he has had 11 hours of training and is so honored by an 'official badge' - LoLBrady says 'I hope I don't just get 25 hours of training and that a real disaster happens so I can actually do something exciting . . . just think of how awesome my presentation could be!' - LoL
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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Keaton designed his costume this year after a Mandelorian - from Star Wars.
Grandma made his cape (we bought a $1 black sheet at Value Village) with a hood (needed it because you can't wear masks at our church Halloween parties).
Keaton taped off and painted everything:
A Boba Fett helmet, football shoulder pads, soccer shin guards, air soft fingerless gloves, toy gun:
It'd be nice to show below and after pictures, but Keaton took the before pictures on his cell phone and it broke! But everything was a different color/pattern before he painted it all.
Keaton won a bag of Starbursts at the Stake Halloween party for the youth based on how loud the audience cheered. Brady came in 2nd with his Robin costume!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk-n-Treat goodies

We are going to our ward's Trunk-n-Treat and this is what we're giving out:
And I found the idea here which have instructions.

And a few of my own tips if you decide you want to make some too.
I used almond bark because it's tasty and cheap! For 6 blocks or 12 oz of almond bark I added 1 tbsp shortening (I only had butter flavored and it yellowed the almond bark only slightly) - cannot substitute for oil or anything else - so the candy was easy to dip, and you didn't have to rush as much for fear the candy would harden, as well as make the candy a little thinner for spreading the lines across the face through a frosting tip. Use frosting tip 44 that is a thin rectangle.
For 12 oz of almond bark it covered 24 oreos (I only melted 12 oz at a time because that was doable for me ;) I dipped all 24 oreos and then placed the eyes. After that dried (it takes about 30 minutes for it to dry completely), I did the mummy wrapping.
I did buy my edible eyes at which are disgusting to the taste, but I was going for the cute factor. I really, really wanted the pink eyes, but they were out of stock when I bought mine =(
I made these ghosts out of Nutter Butters for my lesson last Sunday about the Holy Ghost:
And only 100 more mummies to go before Saturday night:
I am thinking about making a 4x4 block to hold them too . . . but on top of making my costume pants, making homemade chili for the cook-off and cornbread - both for the dinner before Trunk-n-Treat . . . oh yeah, and then there's crafting a few projects for a Super Saturday which visuals need to be up by Sunday . . . I'll have to see just how much more I can squeeze out!
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Friday, October 22, 2010

High Adventure

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Homecoming Pics

For an October day in Seattle, it sure was NICE weather =)
Ben & Kelsey, Olivia & Keaton:
Where is Brady's date AND Clara's date? hehe
Ahh, there's Clara's date Dallin:
Keaton & Olivia
Olivia's dad has a few pics but hasn't sent them to me yet - so there will be a few more coming.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming Pictures

All the girl's corsages:
Danee & Brady (don't forget to notice her corsage I made):
And without the head tilts ;)
I guess they were supposed to do a silly pose - this is Danee picking Brady's nose:
Olivia & Keaton (and I made Olivia's corsage too):
Here's Eli & Nellie and Danee & Brady - they were picked up at the same house:
The guys - Cody was a Homecoming Prince - but they all look sharp! Looks like the front row was posing and the back row was being goofy:

And they still can't be serious - Brady noticed he was the only one not wearing black:

Closer to being serious . . . but not quite:
The girls - Clara was a Homecoming Princess, but they all look radiant:
They did a progressive dinner - started out with an appetizer and pictures at Dallin's house, came to our house for dinner and then to Nick's for dessert. Some of the group went to the dance and some of the group went to a fun center. Then they met back up for a movie at Dallin's and called it a night around 2 am. Everyone said they had a blast!
A really great group of LDS kids:
Everyone was dressed so modestly - it was so refreshing compared to the standard!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brady guitar with Susan singing

For our VT appreciation dinner, Brady played the guitar while Susan sang - her voice is the most amazing ever!
Susan calls this song cheesy, but she makes it modern as well as outstanding!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

How do YOU ask someone to Homecoming?

This is how Keaton asked Olivia:
Drew this up in 1st period since they both have that class together - nice ribbon too - good thing the teacher had some ;) He cut the ribbon in half so it would fit through the holes.
The picture he drew is the cutest though:
Olivia made up this hand gesture that she calls the love gun and Keaton is posing with her trademark and pointing it at her. So funny and cute all at the same time =)

Brady did something cool too - he wrote a note asking Danee to Homecoming and rolled it up and put it in his remote control helicopter. He flew it into the gym where she was at - everyone loved it especially her!
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