Friday, January 15, 2010

Bookmarks with elastic

So, I saw these bookmarks in a store and what did I think, yup, I can make these all by myself =)
If you drop your book, you won't lose your place because it doesn't come off unless you take it off.
Cut your elastic to the desired length, loop a charm, bead or shrinky dink on the end and tie it in a knot, then tie a knot at the top . . . and that's the extent of the instructions. Anyone can do this - that's the best part!
I made one 15 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches as I took the average of most of the books in our house ;) The longest one is good for a school text book.
I'm going to give 3 bookmarks to each of my Beehives on their birthday for 2010. Super inexpensive. One down, only 17 sets to go - haha (we have a lot of girls and 4 new Beehives coming in this year).
These were shrinky dinks - that part did take the longest. But oh so cute =) I bought the paper at create for less for ink jet printers. Again the site for the cutest graphics for scrap booking is found here.
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Carol said...

So Cute!! Hey I lost your email when I fixed my computer...I found the kind of paper I want. Email me please.

Tania said...

I just found your site - how do you make the shrinky dinks? I followed the link - but it didn't help. Do you buy the graphics from the site & then buy some kind of special shrinky dink stuff & print on it? Where do you get it?

I'd like to do something ,like this for achievement days, or for primary birthdays.

Jonathan and Cheri said...

With Shrinky Dink paper (I got mine at I used the kind for ink jet printers so I sent my images to my printer, cut them out, punched a hole in them and baked them in the oven. The link is just for the cute animal graphics - it's $5 a month to join. I hope this helps and that you're going to get this message =) Cheri

Tania said...

THANKS! I'll get the shrinky dink paper & try them out.

Denise said...

Hey Cheri,
Saw this on the YW site yesterday. I cannot find the link to the shrinky dink paper. Does it have a different name?

Also, what size did you make them and what size did they shrink down to? I'm trying to get a feel for how big something needs to be made.

Thanks for all your creative ideas! Good thing we don't live next to each other. I'd be over every day tinker-toying with ideas with you! ;o)