Sunday, January 31, 2010

BIG M&M Cookie Recipe

These are twice the size of a normal cookie - they baked out well and are super yum!
I used my snickerdoodle recipe, then I added 8 oz of M&M's to the dough, rolled them into big balls and then squished 5 more M&M's on top.
I first baked them up for my sacrifice lesson. When the girl's played the game and got an answer correct, they got an M&M. At the end, we talked about things we have to sacrifice for goals. I said are you willing to sacrifice these M&M's to reach your big goals? They all agreed and we went over the definition of sacrifice and then I told them they gave up something little for something bigger in return and pulled out the cookies. Of course they were all happy with their decision to give up the M&M's. Seemed to be an impacting object lesson ;)
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Suze said...

Mmmmmmm.....I want M&M cookies now.

Great object lesson.