Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YW Bulletin Board

I used shower curtains to cover the bulletin boards as they were cheaper than material by the yard, even on sale ;) And ribbon to hide the seams. Paper kept ripping and it is a pain to keep replacing. I designed everything you see (except the colored cubes logo).
YW theme we recite each Sunday (what, I should have ironed the material before putting it up? LoL):
YW President wanted this scripture up:
Value Focus for the month:
YW purpose:
2010 youth theme:
Logo for 'Be Strong' - youth theme:
Second bulletin board, YW motto & activities/events:
Pictures were hanging up, but we still need to cut them out and take quite a few more photos as some girls weren't there the Sunday they were taken by the stake. That and the fact that someone drew goatees on a few of the girl's pictures - have to reprint those ones.

Okay, so I cut all the girl's pictures into egg shapes to create flowers. I used a lady bug pin stuck in the middle to hold them up:
And someone actually stole the 'girl's camp' and 'standard's night' word art - rude! ;) I suppose they just didn't realize how many HOURS I spent trying to make it look nice and matching!
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Carol said...

WOW, is what I can say!! That board is soooo nice! Where did you get your art for the signs? Is is forsale? LOVE IT!I wish there was someone in my Ward that I could learn this from. VERY TALENTED!

Suze said...

That was a shower curtain?! Crazy. I saw this on Sunday, whilst attending Gospel Essentials class and my first thought was, "This was most definitely a Cheri Decor!"

OMGOSH, too word verification is blogym.

Cori said...

Cheri, you are to stinkin' crafty!! Love all you've done!! Miss seeing you at church :)