Friday, July 31, 2009

Alphabet for Learning (VT message for Aug)

Have you heard of the Alphabet for life? Well, I made up an Alphabet for Learning with the visiting teaching message from August - Seek Education and Lifelong Learning. I thought it would be cute to have the alphabet letters look like scrabble tiles:
Image for sale at

I printed out enough for a few women to make at crafting enrichment that came tonight. We did a layout like this:

I am going to make a cap and tassel box (for the seeking education theme) . . . coming soon =)
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cookie Bouquet Baptism Gift

I made a cookie bouquet for a baptism gift that we went to tonight. Since it was Sunday and we couldn't make it to the store to get chocolate nuggets, I had to improvise. I had cookie dough already made up and skewers:
I rolled the dough into circles and stuck the skewers in and baked them. Then after they cooled, I dipped one side into almond bark:I added orange sprinkles to some and pink and yellow sprinkles too:
Then I wrapped each on in a baggie and tied it with some ribbon. I embellished a tin can and added the same promises for the covenants we make as the previous post:
These baptism gifts are ending up being a lot of work - LoL
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Toppings for a Sunday

My lesson was on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and I've used several spins on this topic in the past, but amazingly was able to think of another one! I bought some plastic containers and placed sundae candies - at Cash & Carry for $4 for 24 oz (well, most likely cookie sprinkles!) in them - I found little circle sprinkles as it went with the message from D&C 59:9 - remain unspotted from the world by remembering the purpose of the sabbath day. Circles = spots - okay, I know it was a stretch ;) I also had examples of things we should refrain from on Sundays printed on paper, then punched the activities out into circle shapes and taped them all over the girls (to represent being 'spotted') and then asked the girls for their ideas how we can remain unspotted on the Sabbath.
I added the tag 'how are you topping your Sunday?' and a message that wrapped along the lid from D&C 59:9.
Christina and I team taught as there were only 5 girls in all of YW today! It went great as she added an awesome quote and of course brought out beautiful examples in the lesson and from her own experiences. It was really fun - we should just combine classes all summer =)
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guessing Jar

I made a guessing jar for a family reunion on my step-mom's side. I decided to do something a little different than a typical 'fill a jar with candy' theme. I made a chocolate chip cookie recipe jar. They had to guess how many toffee pieces - hehe
I added instructions how to finish them and taped it to the lid.
Then I put a picture of ancestors over the instructions, I thought the name of their family reunions was cute - Dys-Fun (for dysfunctional - haha) Family Reunion:
This is my own recipe for chocolate chips cookies and it's a yummy one. You can make them and judge for yourself ;)
Tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 cups butter (do not substitute!)
3 cups brown sugar
1 cup sugar
3 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
--Cream butter first, then cream with sugars until whipped lightly, add vanilla and eggs and mix well.
5 cups oatmeal or oatmeal flour
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup wheat pastry flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp powered vanilla
--In a blender, finely blend oatmeal 1 cup at a time and then combine with flour, soda, powder, salt and vanilla. Mix with butter mixture.
4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 cups toffee chips
--Add the chips to dough and stir together well. Drop by big spoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I told Brady that we are watching Bailey while Andrew (who is Brady's friend) and Emma (who is one of my Beehives) go on vacation. Here's the conversation:
Me: I told Emma I'd watch Bailey, her dog, while they go to Utah for a week
Brady: why mom?
Me: because it'll be fun and she's SO sweet and SUPER cute!
Brady: how old is she?
Me: she's 3.
Brady: that's a baby
Me: not really . . .
Brady: so basically Keaton and I have to watch her while you're at work?
Me: you probably won't have to do much - she'll love hanging out in the backyard - it's fenced in completely.
Brady: we just really wanted to hang out with our friends this week. Why did you say we'd watch her?
Me: it's good practice for when we get one - it's really not going to be that big of a deal. You can still leave and go play with your friends - just leave her here.
Brady: (looking at me like he doesn't believe that I'll really let him just leave Bailey home alone)
Me: call Andrew and ask what time they're dropping her off in the morning
Brady: (sighs)
Brady calls Andrew and I can barely overhear Brady's conversation, but got the impression Brady thought we were watching a little girl! So I yell 'Bailey is their dog Brady!' Brady's was like 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'! I guess Brady didn't hear the word 'dog' - LoL Andrew has a niece who is 2 1/2 and that's who Brady was thinking of.
Brady was very relieved I did not sign him up for babysitting a 3 year old all week! And we had a good laugh over the thought of me telling him that a 3 year old could stay by herself and we could keep her in the backyard just because it was fenced! Not to mention the part 'it was good practice for when we get one' - hehe
This is Emma's best friend Becca holding Bailey, we went to the park for YW/YM activity night and brought Bailey so she could run around - but she just sat on the blanket with me the whole time and was so well behaved! Becca was missing Emma, so I'm sending this pic to Emma in an email:
Bailey was going for the profile pose or something ;)
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is Fragile . . . YW Lesson

I loved the message, 'Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer' quoted by President Harold B. Lee in 1972 (I don't know if he made it up as I've seen that quote used a lot) - and I thought the girls could use the button I designed as a zipper pull with a precious photo that's been around a long time:
And I gave each girl a box of Life Cereal - it sure was nice it was on sale for $1.88 at Safeway the day before my lesson as I was inspired at the last minute and then HAD to have it for a handout ;)

I liked the article from James E. Faust from the July 2002 Ensign.
And the blurb I took from it for my lesson and attached to the top of the Life Cereal box was WHAT is prayer:
First, prayer is a humble acknowledgment that God is our Father and that the Lord Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.
Second, it is a sincere confession of sin and transgression and a request for forgiveness.
Third, it is recognition that we need help beyond our own ability.
Fourth, it is an opportunity to express thanksgiving and gratitude to our Creator.
It is important that we frequently say: "We thank Thee," "We acknowledge before Thee ," "We are grateful unto Thee"
Fifth, it is a privilege to ask Deity for specific blessings.
The girl kneeling and prayer graphic found
The lesson itself had an idea for an 'invite' and it worked awesome for participation! I just customized it:
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prep Hike before 50-miler

The boys and Jonathan hiked to Lake Melakwa. They hiked in 4 miles on Friday night and made camp, but no campfires were allowed, so everyone turned in around 10. I think the leaders are heavy sleepers as the boys all stayed together out on a big tarp, but there was little sleeping ;) On Saturday morning, they hiked around for 11 miles around the lake and got back to the trail head at 1:30 pm - that's a lot of walking around just to get that many miles in - I'd rather enjoy the scenery and nature.
The lake was beautiful:
Is that enthusiasm I see - it must have been the beginning of the hike ;)
Some falls along the path they were hiking:
Keaton is in front with the red backpack:
In August they are going on a 56 miler with the scouts. I'm super happy to not feel pressure to sign up for that event ;) haha Jonathan might go out - we'll see if he really wants to use his vacation for this sort of thing!!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Journal Jar

My first lesson teaching the Beehives was on preserving memories - Personal Records. I saw a cute idea and poem and used more of those frappuccino bottles I got from a recycler:
I cut up 6 questions for each value color and printed it on the coordinating color paper. Here's the poem I used:
Preserve your memories -
seal them up well.
What you forget,
you can never retell.
But a journal that's kept
fresh on the shelf -
Might help someone
in need . . .
perhaps even yourself!

I also made a candy journal out of 2 chocolate nuggets:
It says on one side:
Pray and ponder each day asking yourself,
Did God send a message that was just for ME?
And on the opposing side:
Write it down!
It preserves that memory to remember how
much God loves us and how much we need him.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Girl's Camp Pranks

The girls pranked Jonathan's car because that's where he slept at Girl's Camp, they saran wrapped him in so he couldn't get out when he woke up:
Holly above and Brooke and Sarah W below:
Too bad they were giggling upon approach, giggling after dropping the roll of saran wrap multiple times while they were wrapping the car and giggling while taking a few photos because they used the flash - other than that, he might have slept right through it ;)
They mistakenly wrapped the mirror on the driver's side, so when he opened the door, there was a gap - so it was pretty easy to get out - I'm sure that rolling the windows down would have worked too ;) Jonathan only allowed the girls to saran wrap a few rounds - he sat up after a bit so they would stop and he could get out in the morning by himself - ahhhh, you ruined their fun - no fun Honey ;) haha
I also gave the girls Oreos . . . to eat I thought . . . but no, they pulled them apart and stuck the frosting side down on car windows in heart formations on the last night of camp - cute!
The first night we were there, me and a few YCL's snuck over to the stake camp and stole a few items and put it in the lost and found so they'd have to sing to get it back!
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Rainbow - YW Values

Jonathan and I made a huge rainbow for the theme of Follow the Yellow Brick Road for Girl's Camp:
I added the 8 YW values, so we made a cloud and a pot of gold.
We traced the letters on,
drilled holes all along the letters,
painted the colors on,
then painted the letters back on,
and shellacked it all - the YCL's helped push all the Christmas lights through the holes at camp!
With the lights on, it reminded me of Lite Brite:
It turned out awesome - I don't even think we'd need a Wizard of Oz theme to hang this up again!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Hair Rap

Stephanie Rappin and Sarah C bebopin:
The girls loved it!!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

YCL Skit/Song

This was a hilarious skit/song by the YCL's:
They definitely make anything they do together, FUN!
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