Friday, July 3, 2009

Rainbow - YW Values

Jonathan and I made a huge rainbow for the theme of Follow the Yellow Brick Road for Girl's Camp:
I added the 8 YW values, so we made a cloud and a pot of gold.
We traced the letters on,
drilled holes all along the letters,
painted the colors on,
then painted the letters back on,
and shellacked it all - the YCL's helped push all the Christmas lights through the holes at camp!
With the lights on, it reminded me of Lite Brite:
It turned out awesome - I don't even think we'd need a Wizard of Oz theme to hang this up again!
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fawndear said...

Again, You've awed me speechless. hang on while I pick up my mouth off the floor.
Wow, It looks wonderful.
I'm wondering if I could pick your brain about a party I'm thinking of hosting in August? But your probably burnt out after girls camp.
Can I say Wow again. Only because my brain isn't working and I can't think up anything else.

Cailean said...

WOW x infinity. That is so great!!!!!!!!!