Saturday, March 20, 2010

Priesthood Handout

The outside was like a folded card, I just took 2 black rectangles and warped them with a pattern in my computer program and did the same for a pocket (which is barely visible), printed them out, then cut down the center and scored and folded the collar part. The tie I did separately and put on with dimensionals so it had a 3-D look:
The inside:The Priesthood: A Great Blessing
I asked the Young Men in our ward the question 'what 1 thing can the Young Women do to help you honor your priesthood'. Their answers (ages 12-17):
Dressing Modestly
Being Happy/Cheerful
Setting the bar/example
Encouraging the YM/not poking fun
Worthily taking the Sacrament
Sharing Refreshments (haha)
Observing the YW doing good things
Not telling them what to do like 'shhh, be quiet'
Not being so loud/silly at church activities
Having clean language/not swearing
Encouraging the YM to keep the commandments
Encouraging the YM to serve a mission
Being reverent during the sacrament

handout found at under tab YW manual 3 lesson 13 - once purchased you can print off as many copies as you need, just do not redistribute or share file - thank you.
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