Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bedroom Closet Bamboo Floor

We got the bamboo flooring in the closet that is shared between 2 bedrooms done on Saturday. I cut all the pieces with the chop saw and Jonathan nailed them in:
Jonathan put up the trim and bead board, now the finish work (more putty, sanding and painting). Like the outlet? We put 2 in the closet . . . won't that be nice? For something, just can't think of what yet ;) Keaton liked it so much, he wanted wood floors in his bedroom - awww, so sad it's going to stay carpet!! Personally Jonathan & I both hate getting out of bed and putting our feet on cold, hard floors. And if there is wood floors in bedrooms, what do people do anyway? Put an area rug down - what's the point? hehe
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Suze said...

What color is that on the wall. I might have to come to your house and see it in person. It might be the color I want to do in my new house!!!

Kathy said...
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Kathy Carbone said...

When I was in college I always admired the hardwood flooring (Tampa) of our dormitory. I once told myself that when I get my own house I'll use the same material for my bedroom. Now, my dream is turning into reality. My husband and I have recently bought a 2 bedroom cottage house. We are currently on the process of installing the wooden flooring that we have purchased from our local wood flooring (Tampa based) store. I am positive with the end results.

By the way, you did an excellent job with the polished wooden flooring. If I have not known that it's a DIY project, I would have thought it was done by a professional. Kudos!

Floor Sanding Company London said...
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Beth said...

Bamboo is just gorgeous in my opinion. This photo shows it well.