Sunday, November 15, 2009

YW Handout for Drug Abuse

Combined lesson Word of Wisdom & Drug Abuse - Livi did the object lesson =) We're going to have the girls give a part of the lessons when possible.
I used a Christmas ball ornament and printed off a skeleton face and rolled it up and placed it inside - not a fun task - hehe The Crossbones are bent on the bottom to help it stand up.
Quote: If you never take the first, then you'll never take the second from N. Eldon Tanner. The DDD in the corners of the bones are for 'Don't Do Drugs'.
Here it is standing up - just switched the crossbones wording around on the final product, like the 1st picture:
The girls loved them - they're so cute when they get super excited - is it all about the handout?? (look who's even writing that! LoL) I hope they come away with remembering the message too ;)
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1 comment:

mormon girl said...

I just came along your blog, and I loved the idea's that you have on here. the No drugs one, and the YW theme's the most.
I just think its great that you use your talent in these ways.
Thank you for sharing!