Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Primary Stuff

I've made a few things for my CTR 6 primary class:
Notebooks with their fav animal - at the end of each class 10 minutes before it ends, I have them draw a picture of the lesson and then tell me what it is and I write it down for them.
Birthday Chart - Noah's Ark - I asked the kids what their fav animal was - I have a little birthday hat graphic that we'll put on the animals head when it's their birthday:
The second set of animals is a match for animals coming 2x2 ;)
Dragonfly - I've cut little pictures of each of the kids and they get to velcro it on if they're at church that day
Assignment Wheel - the 4 I came up with is prayer, badges (who will be collecting them at the end of class), helper, notebooks (who will be handing them out 10 minutes before class is over)
Matching magnets to hold the file folders to the chalkboard:
CTR Badges:
The kids wear these and if they are choosing the 'best' choice I will take it away (I think I'll let them earn them back) and if they can keep their badge all through sharing time and class time they earn a reward (a piece of candy, a piece of Trident bubble gum or a giant size cheese-it)

I also have a wrapped gift that I bring to class.  The kids know that if they fill up a jar of sixlets - they get one by attending church (an extra one if we have a visitor or they bring a friend) is when they get to open it.
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Emilee & Paul said...

Well now I know why Paige told me that she has "the best Primary teacher in the West" tonight :)

Jonathan and Cheri said...

That is so cute - kids are great and so appreciative =) I think it's just all the 'fun' stuff to look at or do ;) Paige is an awesome example!

CariOrme said...

Blake raved about the notebooks--excellent idea. These kids are a lucky bunch!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

I'm having fun, so I'm just as lucky =)