Monday, February 1, 2010

No Soliciting

We were driving out of the neighborhood and we saw the Penguin Windows people walking door to door for the 4th time since September and I got irritated! If I was looking to buy windows, I'd budget for it and go looking for a few estimates. Who decides on a whim that yes, they want new windows and will give their business to someone knocking on their front door without checking around to see if that's the best deal or not? Please! ;)
Anyway, I made a 'No Soliciting' sign and I'm pretty pleased with it ;) Yeah, pretty much we're not buying anything from anyone who knocks at my door . . . unless it's girl scout cookies - now, who can resist those? =) Is my message clear enough?
The fun thing about not using vinyl on tile is that I can use cute patterned paper. The not-so-fun thing is that it is a lot more work!
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Suze said...

SO CUTE! I wanna make one. Although, the chances of anyone besides the missionaries coming out to my house is a slim chance.

momofmonkeys said...

I LOVE it!!! did you make Mom one??

Unknown said...

Well done Cheri!! I have had a little sign up that I laminated and put above my door bell years ago and it is still there. It says: "No soliciting over the age of 12" So I still get those cute boyscouts selling popcorn and any other kiddo. No more lawn, window, or magazine guys!! Of course I have a girl scout so cookies are all around us soon.
Take care, Janet