Friday, October 1, 2010

VT Message October 2010

We moved and that was a huge task, but I miss blogging, so I think I'm back!
Here's a handout for the VT message for October on temples:
October 2010 Ensign found here.
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Shaz said...

Welcome back Cheri! You were missed! :-) Thank you for your lovely VT handout! I will use it for my VT rounds! I am so thankful for your talent, it helps me out with YW and RS! Kind regards Sharon

Kathi said...

I missed your pictures, ideas, thoughts and comments...and now you must agree to never leave again, ok? So you your whole home? Or just the website? If you moved to a new home, I want to see pictures! I love seeing how others decorate and with your creativity...I can only imagine! :)

Welcome back.

Kris Hannah said...

Beautiful image! I just love seeing images of the temples!

JOY said...

LOVE this - thanks!