Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming Pictures

All the girl's corsages:
Danee & Brady (don't forget to notice her corsage I made):
And without the head tilts ;)
I guess they were supposed to do a silly pose - this is Danee picking Brady's nose:
Olivia & Keaton (and I made Olivia's corsage too):
Here's Eli & Nellie and Danee & Brady - they were picked up at the same house:
The guys - Cody was a Homecoming Prince - but they all look sharp! Looks like the front row was posing and the back row was being goofy:

And they still can't be serious - Brady noticed he was the only one not wearing black:

Closer to being serious . . . but not quite:
The girls - Clara was a Homecoming Princess, but they all look radiant:
They did a progressive dinner - started out with an appetizer and pictures at Dallin's house, came to our house for dinner and then to Nick's for dessert. Some of the group went to the dance and some of the group went to a fun center. Then they met back up for a movie at Dallin's and called it a night around 2 am. Everyone said they had a blast!
A really great group of LDS kids:
Everyone was dressed so modestly - it was so refreshing compared to the standard!
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