Friday, August 26, 2011

Museum & Aquarium

Sugar canes look like zebra decor, I like sugar even more now ;)
Keaton Journal:
We went to a really cool aquarium, it was small but had a lot of sweet tanks. We stayed for the shark feeding as well which wasn't what i was expecting but was still neat. We also went to the "sweetest museum" in Hawaii. It was more like the most boring museum in the world, our whole family can attest to this. It was a sugar cane museum that filled up 3 rooms. It was very dull. Later we went out to eat, I ate calamari and it was delicious.
Red Ginger plant are everywhere - so neat and vibrant:
Would you rather see a smoke stack like this:
Or this:
Brady being crushed by a gear:
 Keaton hanging with the palms:
at the aquarium:
Brady Journal:
Yesterday we went to an aquarium, which was really awesome! There were lots of cool fish and other sea creatures to observe in awe. My two favorite parts were the octopus and this huge tank filled with sharks, groupers, and sting rays. The octopus was sweet because at one point it changed color sporadically to blend in with some coral behind it. In the huge shark tank, we saw hammerheads, black-tips, and even a tiger shark, which was my favorite because of its blue stripes. There was also a man cleaning the inside of the tank! I don't know how comfortable I would feel swimming around a bunch of huge sting rays and sharks, but he seemed pretty dang comfortable.
So many fish, wish the water was this clear where we snorkeled ;)
 Picking the shark's nose:
Cooler starfish pattern than we have in the Pacific NW:

Scared of the stuffed seals on display:
 Very cute and tiny fish:
no adventure is without amusement!

Jonathan journal:  
We went to the Maui Ocean Center and got excited it was Sea Turtle month just to find out they had released all of their turtles the day before and were preparing the exhibit for new turtles to come in on Friday =(  Oh well we'll get to see some turtles on one of our snorkeling adventures =)  It is cool how they only keep most of their animals for short periods of time and then release them back to the wild.  We stayed for the shark feeding which was pretty cool.
We went to the Sugar Museum, but it was not as 'sweet' as they say it was =)
We then went in to Lahaina for dinner and some shopping.  My favorite part was going to the Ono Gelato Company for some gelato.  I had Tiramisu, Gianduia, and Cioccolato Sorbetto.......MMmmmmmmm.
We found some fun souvenirs and had a great day!

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