Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Road to Hana

Lots of waterfalls to visit during the road to Hana:
Awesome the way bananas grow:
saw a whitetail tropic bird flying over the red sand beach - very cool
 Wai'anapanapa Park:

 Black Sand Beach:
 Wai'anapanapa Park:
 A view from a cave in Pa'iloa Beach:
 finally saw a tropical looking bird!
love these flowers - they are orange Hawaiian flower with a yellow jagged border that grows in trees all throughout the road to Hana:
the colored blooms have fallen, but the white part left is still cool:
 red sand beach where there's a coral tree - Brady adding one to a branch:
Keaton posing at the Red Sand Beach:
 Brady posing at the Red Sand Beach:
the bees are huge!
will have to post more later!
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