Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dumps

Bird of Paradise flowers - love them!
Centipede on a stick (look close, it's right under Keaton's mouth):
of all the lizard pictures we were taking, we never expected to see one nor were we waiting for it to puff out its throat, but it was cool:
Jonathan caught a baby lizard - it was really cute:
then it jumped into the swimming pool and was just floating upside down so Jonathan had to jump in to save it - LoL
Found a better place to snorkel today!  =)
Here are Jonathan and the boys snorkeling:
Can barely make their heads and snorkel out here - showing how we had the whole beach to ourselves:
Wide angle - they are still out there as little dots - just showing that there really were no other people on this beach with us.  Probably because it was rocky - no one could lay out?  A real gem =)
We saw a lot of the same fish that we saw at the aquarium!
School of Yellow Tangs - which do bite:
Watch out for those teeth:
Can you tell who had the camera:
 Amazing tropical fish everywhere:
a bit blurry, but neat design:
A really big rainbow colored one:
A lot of the fish stayed in pairs or schools:
Jonathan holding a pencil urchin:
We found an eel:
Keaton under water:
Brady Journal:
Today we visited a plethora of shops alongside the beach, which was awesome. There were so many different kinds of people that it reminded me of Seattle. As we were walking towards Cheeseburger in Paradise to eat some dinner, this random kid fast-walked across the street towards us and as he swept passed us he said, "You guys wanna buy some weed?" And just as fast as he appeared, he disappeared. It was the most random thing ever and made me and Keaton laugh. But Cheeseburger in Paradise was a good place to eat; it was delish!
See you at the next post!
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