Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Vacation . . . in Maui

At the Maui airport, even their toilet (TOILETS are how bathrooms/restrooms are marked) signs are fashionable:
 Lots of lizards, cute but speedy:
Birds of Paradise:
and their very own chickens - they were everywhere:
Sunsets at night are beautiful
Brady's journal:
We checked out a beach while the sun was setting and it was awesome! The sky was an orangey-red, showing off the silhouettes of clouds. I was surprised by the power of the waves that were rolling in and smacking against the rocks. Water was shooting everywhere and some even sprayed me and Jonathan while we were walking across the rocky terrain. As we were walking, however, we noticed that there was a lot of quick movement on the ground below us. When we looked down they seemed to be frogs. But that didn't make sense, since it was the ocean. A closer look revealed that they were actually crabs that were lightning fast! It was a pretty cool area to check out.

and a rainbow:
We are staying at my cousin's house and it's an awesome view from the bedroom we're sleeping in:
 Tropical plants, tress and flowers - ahhhh, so nice!
Cutest little birds (finches?) are frequent visitors throughout the day
a bush full of plumeria's
and hibiscus flowers:
Loving waking up here!
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