Friday, July 23, 2010


This week's YW lesson will be A Heritage of Righteous Traditions. I found a cool quote that says 'the time $pent with your family creating traditions is the greatest inve$tment you will ever make'. I added the dollar signs so I could make a piggy bank handout:
The pig graphic came from Stackable Crew, the tin containers I found at Specialty Bottle and the pink boa and pipe cleaner I got at Michaels Crafts. Jonathan cut into the tin can with a hack saw, the opening was too big for anything but a quarter. The nose of the pig is a separate piece - so it really looks dimensional with all different layers.
Jonathan asked me 'what do you think the girls do with all your handouts?' Think he's worried they don't appreciate the time it takes to design and make all of them?
Oh well, I still enjoy making them for the pleasure it brings me =) I think the pig is cuteness!
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fawndear said...

I had an Amazing Merrie Miss (That's how Old I am) Teacher named Mrs. Baugh. She would give little thoughts or handouts and I saved them for years and year. Her little messages of inspiration were golden once I moved away from home. All the girls I knew in that old class still remember her and her love.

You remind me of her. Even if only one girl saves these precious treasures you create they will make the world of difference to her at times when she is alone, just like Mrs. Baugh's did for me. So worth it.

Loved seeing you and the girls out the other morning taking a walk.

Jen said...

I agree with "FawnDear" we may never know what the girls do with the handouts we make. Some may keep them and some will not but I, like you, love to make them and present them as part of the lesson. I kept many of the handouts I received as a young women. I put them on my dresser, mirror,in my locker etc.

Thank you for being so willing to share your wonderful talents and ideas. It is a huge blessing to many of us!!!!

Celia said...

This is AMAZING!!! I love it! you're so creative :) Thank you for sharing!!! xoxo

Kathi said...

I think they probably save them, but what is most important is that they know you love them and took time out of your day to create beautiful things for them. It's the fact that you gave your time, talent and love that matters most! I'm sure of it. (And you're always welcome to mail those goodies to me! Or move out here and be my BFF)