Monday, July 5, 2010


Scene: Sitting by the camp fire
Andrew: Do you want to sit here?
Me: No, I want to sit by my husband.
Andrew: That's not your husband!
Me: What is he then?
Andrew: {Pause . . . (thinking)}
Andrew: He's your step-husband!
I guess that makes sense since Jonathan is the boy's step-dad, he must be my step-husband ;)
Kids are too smart!
This is the fire that the kids built . . . and yes, the adults took some off before lighting it - LoL
Scene: Waiting for the fireworks to start
Andrew: Howl like a coyote
Me: {hooooooooooooooowlllllllllll, howl, howl, etc.}
Andrew: {looked at me}
Andrew: No, like a real coyote!
I guess I'll have to work on my howling technique ;)

Scene: Kitchen cutting strips of dough for little smokies - making pigs in a blanket
Me: {Using a knife to cut strips of dough}
Stacy: {gets out pizza cutter to make the process faster & better}
Me: ahhhh, I've never used a pizza cutter
Colten: What? You've never used a pizza cutter?
Kids are great for the soul!

There were more things that made me laugh, but I didn't write them down and I forgot them! So, write down the funny things your kids say because if you think you'll remember them all, you're wrong ;)
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