Monday, October 15, 2012

we forgot our underwater camera

we spent the day at the beach - but snorkeling is more fun with a camera - so don't forget to pack your underwater camera like we did.  the waves were crazy today - I typically get sick from being rocked around too much - but we looked for sea glass and found a few pieces.  Like I needed something to do while I'm in the water otherwise I get bored ;)
I am good if I can take pictures though
 pencil urchin
there was a rainbow today
 Jonathan going snorkeling alone for the 2nd time ;)  I only went once for 1/2 hour today.
 love this color hibiscus - pink and yellow
another coastal view
tomorrow we're going hiking - the weather is supposed to be less cloudy on Wednesday, but we're going to find a few shorter 2 mile trails (one way)
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