Saturday, October 20, 2012

Napali Coast

an 8 mile round trip hike on a rocky, rooty, muddy, slippery hike to Hanakap'ia Beach and Falls . . . we definitely ran out of steam on the last mile back down!

we probably crossed 6 or more different spots in streams

42 visitors who were killed swimming at this beach:
and all eyes were fixated on this swimmer until he made it back to shore - I seriously had chills watching the waves push him closer to the rock ledge, he tried many routes and it was crazy watching him swim against the currents:
there was another guy who was surfing - still crazy if you ask me ;)
rock towers at the beach
one of many beautiful stream paths we had to cross to follow the trail to the falls:
lots of little water falls along the way
the biggest falls is in the background
 jonathan at the bottom of the falls

on the way down
an egret in a screwpine:
view - the ocean was an amazing color blue

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