Sunday, October 14, 2012


a view where migratory birds nest, right now it's the shearwater breed
a closer view of the rocky ledges we spot a monk seal:
 2 nesting shearwater babies - one facing in and one facing out ;)
 another chick waiting for its parents to return with dinner
 shearwater adults
Nene - Hawaii's state bird
 eating berrries
a birdie - I don't know what its breed is
this finch was eating the white feather-like thingys in the pod:
hard to see and not that clear but there was a plover, red-crested cardinal and java sparrows all eating together:
 I don't know what kind of plant this is - but it was huge and very orange ;)
 red cardinal
 Japanese white-eye
 some kind of sparrow maybe?
we saw a pheasant but didn't get its photo =(

the sunset from Hideaways beach:

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