Thursday, October 11, 2012


This was the day of the weddings - lots of people will have this anniversary date - CUTE though!
A lot of beaches had couples and photographers on them today.
This is the edge of baby beach in Poipu:
red ginger:
 this was a baby mini hibiscus
 Alae Ula duck is endangered:
 Huge dinner plate size hibiscus - we're going to a garden tomorrow!
Spouting Horn attraction, it was neat to see the ocean being sucked in and out - but the sound of it was what was really cool:
the first sea turtle we've seen - yeah a little too far away to get a good photo . . . that and they surface for 2 seconds, gulp some air and go back under the water:
It was a beautiful day out today.  We snorkeled, laid out, hiked and visited a few beaches in Poipu.
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