Sunday, October 26, 2008

House Stuff

We drywalled a bit on Saturday - FINALLY!  And you can also see that I have lined the inside of the window seat box (I will be trimming it out and then I'll take a photo inside of it - yes, to hide the seams from you ;)
These are the can lights we put in the closet, more are completed in the hallway and bedrooms:
Skylight framed in and insulated:
Keaton chose dark brown paint for the bottom third of his bedroom and light brown for the top and ceiling (Keaton will eventually paint a mural on 1 of his walls):

Brady wanted turquoise, so I am going to do 3 horizontal stripes in the colors above and the 4th color will be his ceiling color - very faint, but it is a light blue above the 3 apparent colors.
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