Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girls Camp Theme

I took a few pictures from Ensign Ranch yesterday . . . in the snow . . . but that's where we're having girl's camp this year.  Our theme is 'be thou an example' and 'follow the yellow brick road'.  I designed this from the scripture 1 tim 4:12 and am hoping to use it somewhere along the way:
This is the amphitheater:
Tough to see the layout and imagine 150 girls and leaders fitting.  I used the Scarecrow icon and it says 'if I only had a drain'.
These are the tee pees we'll be sleeping in:
I used the tin man icon and typed 'if I only had a tarp'.  There were a few more photos and sayings, but those 2 above were my favorite =)
I also made ruby slippers out of paper from a template I found here:

Stephanie cut out most of them, Jonathan scored and painted the glitter on and I glued them together, tied the bows and added the saying.
The saying says 'somewhere over the rainbow - I lived in heaven a long time ago, lived there and loved there with people I know' from the Primary song. (cause rainbow, ago and know rhyme)

A photo of how the slippers were presented.  We did this all last night and today - it was craziness - wish we would have had more time!  But that's the theme of my life lately ;)
All cutsie Wizard of Oz graphics I used from this site.
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fawndear said...

Hey, I know crazy and your a good crazy. When I grow Up I want to be just like you - crazy and all.

Nathan said...

I saw "in the snow" and "follow the yellow brick road" and instantly had this image in my mind...

kristi said...

Hi - We are doing our girls camp this year on this theme and I would love to see and hear some of your other thoughts you did at yours! Did you have a "spiritual program" night? These shoes and clipart look adorable!! my email is