Sunday, March 15, 2009

I can't wait until I get an owee . . .

 . . . so, yeah, that title is a little sick in the head ;)  But, I came across this band-aid in the Curious George box of band-aids and I have claimed it!  No, serious, everyone in my family knows it's mine - LoL  
And I already know it's very strange to actually protect this band-aids' whereabouts - but I do ;)
Have you ever seen such a 'HaPpY' band-aid?  
I would definitely wear it with pride.  (Yes, I realize how weird that sounds)  The one thing that worries me about needing to actually wear it, is that this size band-aid is not the typical size, it's pretty big and I don't really do well with having a cut that big.  So, with this dilemma - I think I am pretty happy just to have it on hand and to never really use it.  I would have a tough time giving it to someone else though too . . . it's MiNe and I'm pretty set on just keeping it around to look at.  Such a happy smile =)
See '25 Random things about Cheri' and read #7 & #9 and this post will (hopefully) make more sense ;)
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Anonymous said...

So I'm going to assume you won't let me put this on my foot. It really hurts. Please?! LOL I love George's smile. It would make me happy too looking at it, especially if my day was not going great. I think I need to buy you a frame for the bandaid....feed the obsession. A frame and Ziploc beggies... I mean baggies.

Cailean said...

That is the cutest band-aid!!!