Saturday, March 7, 2009

You know you have boys when

you come across a list of '10 cool things' (written by Keaton) and on that list are:
4. Video games
10. Movies with limbs getting ripped off
     Do video games influence the appeal for watching people's limbs being ripped off?  (Keaton assured me that it's only entertaining when it's supposed to be 'fake' looking and the people who made the movie makes it funny on purpose - ooooohhhhh, that's supposed to make me feel better?  LoL)
Bizarre off-the-wall things:
3. Birds chirping on a dead moonlit tree
1. A beam of light shining through a coniferous forest
The hilarious things on that list:
9. Kip's lisp (from Napoleon Dynamite)
The tender things:
2. A day with my dad
8. Ms. Simoni's Math class
The normal things:
7. Lost (the TV show)
     Keaton told me he had to write it for Health.  (mental health????  Is his teacher going to analyze these lists?  Perhaps she should - I know for sure I'd show up for that teacher-parent conference - LoL)  Keaton's list was definitely unique (a word only used by a mother when defending her child's creative mind, eh?).  Keaton said he was just trying to think up weird things when he listed some of the 'bizarre' items.  I'm hoping 50% of this list is 'normal' and I should not worry ;)
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1 comment:

fawndear said...

Love Keaton's list, didn't find it bizarre at all. Kip's lisp was my favorite. Maybe because I've got my own boys that age. Would be nervous about having my kids make one though. I'd probably find comments like burnings stuff, digging holes, and teasing siblings on it.