Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Killer's Concert

Ever thought about why fitting room attendants insist on counting garments themselves before you can enter?  Why don't they count them on your way out?  EVER?  

We went to the Killer's concert - which, BTW was AWESOME =)  But the 'search and frisk you' attendants were, let's put it, not trained properly.  I got to the front, they ask 'do you have a camera?'.  I say 'yes' - at that point there was no frisking me at all.  (I had already drank all my water and thrown the bottle away because water bottles were not allowed either)  Were they perhaps more interested that I might take a video and post it to youtube more than if I had a weapon????  I was whisked away, everyone telling who ever they saw also working at the WaMu convention center 'she has a camera!  We need to check her camera'.  Okay, that was the funniest thing ever!  Somehow there was miscommunication about the importance of priorities over 'do we freak out over someone having a camera or something dangerous'?  I also had a backpack - in the midst of all this rushing around leading me to where to check in my camera - no one even asked to search my bag.  Hmmmm, very strange indeed.  Not only that, but there were plenty of people with cameras - not counting how many people were using their cell phones to take photos or record video - but actual cameras of which I just had to check in because they were not allowed at the event??   So, I have concluded: bring 2 camera's and admit to having 1, have 1 camera checked in and you're good to go.  Bring in that second camera AND all the bottled water you want ;)  haha

go here: to listen to 1 of the songs. 

Brady really wanted to attend for one of his birthday gifts - and this was Jonathan's first concert he's ever attended!  We all loved it!  We are loving their style of music =)
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