Monday, December 21, 2009

Opened an early present

Brady says he already has 4 belts, so he's not happy with his gift. I said 'I only ever see you wearing 1 belt'. Brady says 'yeah, I only like white belts' - LoL Maybe we'll have to go and exchange his brown belt for a white one =) Teenagers and the rate they change their minds ;)
Oh, this white belt?
Someone's thinking they're pretty cool in their skinny jeans ;) Which he was only allowed to wear on one spirit day during spirit week. I think they look disgusting! LoL
Moral: Don't shop too early for Christmas presents because it won't be what they want in a month anyway!
Keaton's funny story:
'Ms. Samoni has a zebra print Snuggie at school but she won't wear it any more because Josh wore it to the bathroom one day.' Keaton was laughing very hard which made this story even funnier for the rest of us ;) I asked why she just didn't bring it home and wash it - Keaton said that the kids already suggested that but she hasn't done it.
I wonder if Keaton asked for a Snuggie on his Christmas list was because his teacher has one - we've never even talked about one nor known anyone to have one! Costco had one, so I didn't have to look very hard at all.
I see someone likes their Snuggie a lot already, wore it playing video games & at nap time ;)
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Suze said...

I highly dispise "skinny jeans", but Edward, oops...I mean Brady is so cute, he can get away with them in my books.