Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookie Exchange

I do like a good cookie and holiday treats . . . but if you're supposed to make 3 dozen for a cookie exchange I'm thinking dog lovers will appreciate this instead of just another sweet?

I designed a label for the top of a baby food jar to identify the contents:
 The collar graphic I made myself and the recipe for the dog cookie is on the back!  The dangling jingle bell I was hoping would act as a charm on a collar . . . but I don't like it - maybe it's just the wrong placement of it . . . maybe the jute is just too thick?
2 Peanut Butter Dog Treats inside:
I think I'll omit the ribbon - it doesn't stay on when you go to open the jar (unless I mod podged it?) . . .  so that sounds like a lot of extra work anyway ;)

Maybe just tie jute around the lid and adhere the jingle bell to that?  Any suggestions?  =)
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