Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crab Cakes

Leftovers in fridge:
Fish Taco mixture from Gayle's birthday
Lump Crab from Sushi making for Jonathan's birthday
Gotta use them both . . . so let's make crab cakes . . . and bake them instead of fry them - will they turn out???

Combine them, add some cream cheese - why add mayo when you could add cream cheese?  ;)  lemon juice, cayenne, celery salt, green onions, worcestershire sauce, dry mustard, bread crumbs (made in the moment with Dave's killer bread - yum!), eggs - do you ever just concoct ingredients looking in your fridge and seeing what sounds good in your recipe?  hehe
Baked in muffin cups for 20 minutes at 450 degrees:
Did they pass the taste-test?
Why yes, they did - would you be reading this post if it failed?  LoL - served over noodles with lime-ginger-chili-butter sauce . . . I guess I should have cut up a lime for the photo . . .
Even Keaton said they were yum . . .Brady was at work when I made this yesterday!
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